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Once you have read and understood all of the information on this page, please enter by clicking the entry button at the bottom.


Thank your for seeing the homepage of "Profile Himeji store"!
Our excellence shop have a top-class repeat rate in the delivery health shop which there are many familiar stores in Himeji.
May be you have not good image of delivery health, but the girls we gathered are all high quality which was not defeated by a reader model and the idol who appeared on television
"Profile Himeji store" is registered at only a girl in its teens and early twenties who cleared the severe adoption standard that our store sets.
We select carefully and adopt the gal who not only have looks but also have girlish and consideration, impress people favorably.
Furthermore, Most of them didn't have any experience in adult entertainment. So even as for the gal visually, they are always charming shy girls.
Adult entertainment do not burn a little…First time to enter adult entertainments … It is necessary of such of you to try by all means!
About the staff, We do severe strict education so that telephone reception do not hurt your feeling.
In "Profile Himeji store",there is high adoption standard for not only the girl but also the staff. Even those who had a bad memory in past. we offer a satisfactory service for your easily use.
We gather only the girls who are a high quality and give higher-grade service, offer the service in reasonable price.
Want go out to play at night…want play more.
It is open 24 hours for your schedule!
Of course playing for your satisfactory, in addition to this, take it easy to relaxing the tiredness of mind How about spending your good time in "Profile Himeji store?"

We have staff who can speak English at all times.
We welcome inquiries from groups, organizers, and guides.
We will respond to your original request.


“For delivery health beginners”
This is how to use our store.


1. Choose a girl

Please check the attendance information and select the girl that suits your type of customer according to your date and time.
Many girls come to work every day, so if you have any concerns, you can consult with the reception staff over the phone.
Of course, we also offer a free plan (for girls, leave it to us).
For free, you can customize the type according to your preference.


2. Decide where to use

We can dispatch to your home, hotel, or love hotel.
(We cannot send girls if there are no bathing facilities)
If you are looking for a love hotel, please ask our staff.
We can introduce you to cheap hotels.
We also offer discounted hotel plans.


3. Telephone reception

Please call the store first.
Our experienced staff will answer your calls.
At the reception desk, we will ask you for your name, date and time of use, location of use, and whether you want a girl or not.
Prices vary depending on [transportation expenses] and [nomination fee], so please check at the time of reception.
If you don't feel like making a phone call, you can also make reservations online or by email, so please take advantage of this.


4. Wait for the girl to arrive

A girl will come to your room, so please wait until you arrive.

[At home]
If you are unable to come to your room due to auto-lock etc., please come and meet us.

[For business hotels]
We will come directly to your room.
If your hotel is unable to come to your room due to security reasons, please meet us at the designated location.

[For love hotels]
We will come directly to your room, so please wait in your room.
If the hotel does not allow you to enter by yourself, we will meet you in front of the hotel.
*If you need to be picked up at a hotel, the driver will contact you directly.


5. Select course

At our store, we decide the course time after seeing the girl, so Please tell the girl the course time.


6. Payment

Please pay the usage fee directly to the girl.
We will prepare change for you at our store.
*Change will be paid after playing.


7. Start playing

Spend some naughty time with the girls.

[Contents of play]
・Remove clothes
・Various intercrural sex
・Raw blowjob
・Full body lip
・Flirting in the bath
・Ejaculation in mouth
・Reverse sexual feeling
・Tama Lip
・Finger insertion OK
・Deep KISS
・Continuous firing within time


8. End of play

The shop will contact the girl 10 minutes before your scheduled time.
Please take a shower with the girls and see them off.


We will refuse use to customers who fall under the following conditions.

  • Demanding/forcing actual acts or acts incidental thereto
  • Acts such as filming with devices such as video cameras, digital cameras, and mobile phones equipped with cameras, secret filming, and eavesdropping.
  • Requests for excessive services or perverted acts that are not on our menu
  • Scouting activities for our store companions and acts incidental thereto.
  • Use by organized crime groups or similar persons
  • Use in a room or situation inappropriate for the service.
  • For use by people using drugs, dangerous drugs, paint thinner, etc.
  • Use by people who are intoxicated
  • For use by persons infected with sexually transmitted diseases or other infectious diseases
  • Use by people in the same industry or equivalent
  • Acts of abuse, violence, etc. towards our store companions

If any of the above prohibitions apply, the service will be immediately suspended and the companion will leave. Refunds will not be accepted in such cases.
After that, you will be prohibited from using it at our store or any affiliated stores.
If the act is malicious, we will contact the local police station.
Additionally, if we deem it necessary, we will request fines and compensation for damages.

“ Play with girls! ”